Everyone dreams about their perfect day having to be conducted in an ideal place like the best marriage hall. So there is a long list of a to-do to choose the best marriage hall for the best day. When most people think about choosing the best hall, their first preference is the marriage halls in Velachery because they have the best venue in the surrounding.

So, choosing the best marriage hall is an essential decision in marriage.

Taking Budget

There is a lot of excitement involved in wedding planning. So, by organising the events in advance, you may heighten the excitement. Make a list of all the necessary components, including the décor, food, lodging, and photos.First, know how much you will spend on marriage, decide the best location of the hall, like the marriage halls in Pallikaranai, search and take note of every best hall in the location and then choose the best option for you.Making a budget for your spending might assist you in selecting the ideal wedding venue with top-notch services. A budget refers to a set of expenses that can be made at any time.

Check Out The Marriage Hall

Hall Size

A marriage is never complete without guests celebrating with music, food, dances and other celebrations. So for everyone's marriage, there should be ample space for having fun, games, and celebration activities.

Safety System

With so many people involved in having fun and celebrating the marriage, there can be anything to happen, so the marriage halls should have the safety measures like fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers and emergency exits.


Wedding Theme

Once you decide on a marriage hall, the arrangements will begin to appear little. The wedding's theme is the foundation for other decorations, such as lights and flowers.

Themes for weddings may have some types, like traditional, fusion, rustic, or royal. Select halls in accordance with the theme to have a wide range of choices.

Traditional Wedding

Everything revolves around idols, flowers, and enchanted settings. Shehnai, an instrumental piece with a flute-like sound, is lovely. Less is more in a traditional wedding since it more easily fits with the ambience and style. The marriage halls in Medavakkam have the best venue for traditional halls, they even have the venues in accordance with Vastu.

Royal Wedding Theme

The royal wedding theme is for the people who want their marriage arrangements with royalty. A royal theme can be made with parties, disco bars, flowers, candles, and dancers.


Once you choose the marriage hall, you have to book the halls in advance because the availability of marriage halls is quite crucial in which the best halls have more competition. So, it is good to book the hall in advance.